When I was in the late ‘tween years and allowed some mobility outside of the scope of parental supervision, my friend L. and I frequented the book and record stores Polk Street. California Street’s wide, cable car tracked expanse was the line of demarcation of  Upper Polk and what has now been now dubbed the […]

It’s not news rapidly the mid-Market corridor is changing. Companies like Twitter and Uber have brought techies to mix with the grittier denizens who made this area their home for decades. The new neighbors have inspired infusions of street art to distract until gentrification has fully taken effect.  Though I didn’t spend much time on […]

Polk and McAllister, City Hal

The gilded rotunda of City Hall is this intersection’s most prominent landmark. It’s been the site of assassinations, protests, and landmark same-sex marriage actions. The plaza across the street alternates between a homeless encampment and the site of mass celebrations: ethnic festivals, Giants World Series broadcasts, and the Pride Parade Of The Ever-Expanding Acronym. I […]

Norbert Yancy, Ghiradelli Square

This brick building near the Northside’s waterfront was originally a chocolate factory established by Domenico “Domingo” Ghirardelli. When the factory relocated, visionary real estate owners bought the site and transformed it into a place with unique shops and restaurants. The city declared Ghirardelli Square an official city landmark in 1965 and it was later granted […]

McDonalds at Golden Gate and Van Ness

In San Francisco’s current incarnation where anything artisan is revered and real estate is surreal, it’s no surprise that fast food restaurants are shutting their doors here. But I still felt a wave of nostalgia when I discovered that this McDonald’s had closed.

Outside of those I encountered for home, school, and work, this has to be one of my Most Visited Intersections in the city. 2000 Van Ness I was plagued with painful ear infections and other ailments as a young child. Luckily my pediatrician was located close by in the Medical Arts Building at 2000 Van […]

400 block of Broadway, at Montgomery

This block of Broadway in North Beach is well known to any Bay Area punk or metalhead who grew up here in the 80s. It housed the Mabuhay Gardens, the On Broadway, and The Stone—clubs that were integral parts of these music scenes. My first boyfriend, Chris, was a couple years older than me and […]