24th and Mission

Bird mural in Lilac Alley, off 24th Street, between Mission and Capp.

Bird mural in Lilac Alley, off 24th Street, between Mission and Capp.

I’m a bit of bird nerd as well as a word nerd, but since I don’t have a car, my bird-watching is usually limited to what I spot on my jaunts around the city. My day is always brighter if I witness a raucous parrot fly-by or see pigeons burst off the rooftops and can then find the circling hawk that inspired their terror. And with the recent urban corvid population explosion, I get many chances to practice my crow-vs.-raven identification skills.

The vulture in Osage Alley, off 24th street between Mission and Bartlett

The vulture in Osage Alley foretold the quick demise of this internet date.

But there are also other urban bird sightings that make me happy. I spotted these beauties in Osage Alley and Lilac Alley, near 24th and Mission. I’d come up with the idea of checking out some of the city’s gorgeous urban art as an internet date meet-up plan, an alternative to the traditional meet-for-coffee date. Despite an engaging phone chat, it soon became obvious the dude was Just Not That Into Me. This situation was slightly less awkward to navigate walking and looking at murals rather than making small talk over a cappucino, so I’m glad I’d suggested it. I’d never explored the street art within a block of this busy intersection and transit hub since it’s usually a transfer point to the next part of my journey. Although the meet up was lackluster, I was glad to have taken the time on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon to discover some of the hidden street art treasures in my city.



  1. Whoever that artist is they really captured the intensity of the bird eye. Really special !

  2. So worth it as an urban art viewing/blog post material gathering session!

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