Monthly Archives: October 2013

The Marina district in flames

Broadway and Webster

Earthquake weather. Any old-time San Franciscan can define it. A sudden streak of sultry, hot weather. This happens with great regularity as the days get shorter in autumn, but its so foreign to our foggy genes that we assign it supernatural powers of prediction. This weather was also associated with the largest quake most of […]

"Disgruntled groceries" mural on Big Apple Grocery, corner of Polk and Clay

Polk and Clay

My memory compass swings to many points at this intersection. There is the now-defunct Copy Circle where my friend Chris used the Xerox machines to create flyer and cassette cover masterpieces using cut-and-paste methods employed in the pre-Photoshop days. I did the same when putting together Cat Butt, my self-produced metal/humor zine. I didn’t follow […]